A. Lange & Söhne 18k | quarter-repetition | aristocracy and military history | general major Heinrich Strauss

Rare and unique A. Lange & Söhne 18k yellow gold pocket watch with quarter repeater first sold 1890 from aristocratic ownership with a special military history in perfect working condition. Engraved dedication on the inside cover “Heinrich Strauss Magdeburg”, Lavishly engraved monogram “HSt” on the back cover. Serial 27XXX. Diameter 53 millimeters, weight of 118,5 grams.

Lepine case shape “Jürgens”, in 1A quality, with diamond endstone, gold anchor and gold escape wheel and gold screws in the balance wheel.
19-line 3/4 plate movement still without index spring fine adjustment. After pressing the slide on the housing, it strikes the hours and quarter of an hour by means of two hammers on 2 gongs. 2-part enamel dial with Roman numerals and steel pear hands. This watch was sold to the watch shop H. Baumeister in Magdeburg, Bärstr. 3 on June 23, 1890. Engraved dedication on the inside cover “Heinrich Strauss Magdeburg”, Lavishly engraved monogram “HSt” on the back cover. Presumably this very special A. Lange & Söhne quarter repeater was bought from the Royal Prussian Chief Bailiff Karl Strauss in the summer of 1890, in Bärstr. 3 in Magdeburg, on the occasion of communion (?) of his son Heinrich Strauss (January 19, 1877 – May 3, 1963) the older brother of Adolf Strauss (September 6, 1879 – March 20, 1973) and possibly also provided with the engravings there. Both brothers were bearers of the “Royal House Order of Hohenzollern with Swords”and both rose to the rank of general in their military careers: Heinrich Strauss was appointed Major-General on July 1st, 1941. Adolf Strauss was appointed Commander-in-Chief of the 9th Army on May 30, 1940 and rose to become Colonel-General. The military-historical, well-researched and documented and on top of that the personal seal ring of Heinrich Strauss.

From the end of 2020, the watch has been completely overhauled within four month of work according to all the rules of watchmaking arts. For example, in particular the dial has been left in it’s original condition and has not been cleaned so as not to blur the “fine traces of time” between the components. The Breguet hairspring, has also not been cleaned, to avois a waekening of the part. The springs for the movement and striking mechanism were carefully cleaned by hand and the specified pre-tensioning each restored 1:1. Also the originl crystal has been kept in the watch, even it has a couple signs of use.

This more than 130 year old 18 K 750 Golden A. Lange & Söhne quarter repeater is 100 percent in its original condition, and is perfectly working. The enclosed Certificate of the German Watch Museum Glashütte shows this early movement as “1 A Quality”. It has been signed a.o. the New Museum Manager Dr. Ulf Molzahn.

Scope of delivery: A. Lange & Söhne pocket watch quarter repeater “Heinrich Strauss”, Original signet ring “Heinrich Strauss”, only existing original photo of Major General Heinrich Strauss, Letter of conveyance with original signature by Heinrich Strauss, pocket watch stand, Certificate from the German Clock Museum Glashütte.

Detailed informations about the overhaul, but also about the vita’s of Heinrich and Adolf Strauss are available on request.

Differential taxation §25A UStG.