Rolex Sea-Dweller 16660 amazing spyder web dial

A Sea-Dweller Rolex 16660, Triple Six from 1984 with SN: 8417xxx and amazing spyder web dial. As the successor of the famous and well known Sea Dweller 1665, often called as a transitional reference, this was the first Rolex divers watch to have a sapphire crystal installed and offers a diving depth rating of 4000ft. As a tool watch for deep sea divers, this was obviously a practical and impressive feature. The improved water depth rating was thanks in part to a larger helium escape valve (HEV). Also having the new movement Caliber 3035 installed, which replaced the Caliber 1570 of the previous Sea-Dweller.

This watch: has a stunning first generation „no hyphen“ glossy dial with white gold indices and yellowish aged lume in excellent overall condition. Rolex had some production issues with these first generation glossy dials, soon after the watches hit the marked the dials began to develop surface cracks, know as “Crazing” or “Spidering”. As Rolex would not admit any mistakes in their manufacturing, they swapped the cracked dials soon after with the second gerneration glossy dial at no cost for the customers.

This particular dial is really amazing with perfect spider webbing throughout the dial creating an unique structure with larger and smaller lines. Case might have been polished the past, but is in very good fat condition, with slight signs of prior use. The 83160 bracelet and 592 endlinks in very good polished condition with moderate stretch, claspcode P10 from 1991.

As always, watch has been reviewed and adjusted by my Rolex authorized watchmaker. He changed all gaskets, replaced the Helium Escape Valve (HEV), crystal, tube and the spring webs with original Rolex parts, of course. He also revised the automatic module. Interesting fact: the new Rolex HEV’s have a bit a larger dimension in length, than the old ones – they always look out a bit off the case, what the old HEV’s didn’t. Watch has also passed a 10 Bar pressure testing recently and is waterproof according to it’s specification, even I do not recommend exessive diving session with a vintage watch and can not guarantee for waterproofness. Exchanged parts are coming with the watch, so the old HEV – if you want to go back to the original configuration, but no waterproofness is given with the old part!!!!

Running strong with no indication for service in the near future. I perfect toolwatch for every day and ready to wear. Differential taxation §25A UStG.