Rolex 5100 Beta21 Quartz

Here is a super cool and rare 18K yellow gold „Il Texano“ Rolex 5100 Beta21 Quartz, SN: 4XX, sold in 1978 in most complete full set and excellent condition.

Watch case appears to be unpolished with strong egdes and bevels and has very little signs of previous use. Only the oute side of the caseback has been polished by authorized Rolex watchmaker recenty. Inner caseback shows several Rolex New York Watchmaker signs.
It is hard not to start daydreaming about this massive and heavy piece of gold and iconic technology. At the beginning of the 1960s a couple of Swiss manufacturers gathered together and formed the Centre Electronique Horologer to develop a Quartz movement which ended up in introduction of the famous Beta-21 movement a couple of years later. The 5100 was introduced in 1970 in a limited number of 1000 pieces ( assumed 900 in yellow gold and 100 in white gold) and was the first Rolex incorporating a Quartz movement, a synthetic sapphire crystal, a hacking feature, and a quickset date function.
As the a owner of this watch you’ll be always welcome at Rolex Geneva’s headquarters. And you’ll become a member of the Rolex Quatz Club which as also mentioned in paperwork coming with this watch:
“At our central headquarters in Geneva there is a Golden Register, a Who’s Who of our clients who proudly count a Rolex Quartz among their most precious possessions. They form the Rolex Quartz Club, one of the most exclusive clubs imaginable… Members of the Club are always welcome at Rolex Geneva. On their first visit, they are invited to sign the Golden Register and can enjoy a personal tour of the Geneva world Headquarters.”
Watch runs within Quartz accuracy and dates switches properly – the watch just came back from the authorized dealer to check gaskets and change battery.
This watch comes as a complete full set including watch, original punched papers with booklet, hangtag with watch serial, box, carton cover box, Rolex pad and a letter of Rolex Geneva, clearifying some of the booklets information.
Watch has been imported from the US, all taxes and duties paid, price includes 19% VAT. Net sale ex EU is possible.