Rolex Submariner 5508 Gilt

Here comes a stunning early „non-crownguard“Submariner 5508 „James Bond“ from 1958 in good condition with papers, Rolex NY original service invoice and known provenance.
I bought this watch some time ago, as the history of this watch was well known, a one owner watch.

But, first things first: The all original glossy gilt dial with silver depth writing has extremely bright gilt and showing a beautiful aging with fractal spider webbing throughout the dial. All writings are legit, even the „Swiss“ below 6. Radium lume plots are in excellent condition without any breakouts or scuffs. Still radiating strong, as it should.

Though obviously worn a lot, has always been been serviced and taken care accordingly – caseback (stamped II/58) is packed with watchmakers signs, even one sign is between the lugs. This watch has received a full Rolex New York service in 1995 (delivered in person by former owner), where they’ve performed a movement service, exchange of crystal, crown and tube. Also case has been detailed and service reference in caseback fits the reference on the service papers. I assume watch hasn’t been worn a lot since that last service in the mid 90’s – exchanged bracelet looks still pretty good with only some minor signs of wear and tear, also case has no deep scratches or dings.
Serial and reference number are heavily worn and rubbed by the spring bars during the last 60 years and are only partly visilble under high magnification. “Registered Design” engraving is still perfectly visible.
Has a caliber 1530 built in, that is still running relatively strong with original butterfly rotor and marked ROW, for an Rolex USA import in the late 50’s and 60’s. Hands are later Tritium ones, so bezel and insert are vintage Rolex parts, that have been built in during a service earlier.
Was checked and adjusted by my watchmaker recently, received new gaskets and tube and has even passed a pressure testing up to 3 ATM (even though I do not recomend to expose a Vintage watch to excessive water contacts, and can not guarantee waterproofness, protocol comes with the watch. I refrained from performing a full movement service and detailing so far to keep this one as original, as it is now. Nevertheless a full service with new crystal and movement service through my Rolex authorized watchmaker is possible, as these parts are still available, if requested by the buyer.

Watch comes with Rolex service receipt, dated 01/30/95 indicating all performed service actions taken plus the bracelet trade in to the attached 78360. Also mentioned are the non color matching Tritium hands at the time of service.
The original guarantee certificate (dated V.59) is coming with the watch. Only the reference number „5508“ is written, not the serial.

This 5508 is a very beautiful example showing stunning patina from wear and aging, without beeing abused. Well serviced and documented throughout mor than 60 years. Rare to find with this complete history, guess the only one on the market right now with proven history and papers and service papers.

Plus, another weired fact: I found a mugshot on the web from the former owner, beeing arrested in 2000 for property damage and released for a bond of 500 $US. Adress matches
with Rolex NY service invoice. Never seen that before.

Watch has been imported from the US, all taxes and duties paid. Price includes 19% VAT. Net price sale outside EU ist possible.

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