Rolex Submariner 5513 meters first

I am offering a super cool Rolex 5513 matte „meters first“ with serial 1617xxx dating it to 1967.

This watch has a flawless/mint meters first dial with nicely aged yellowish patina even throughout all the markers and hands. Furthermore the rare Tritium zinc-sulfate luminous mix makes the markers still glow when charged und UV light. Tritium half-life is of about 12,3 years and this more than 50 years old piece still glows! Of course it’s not relumed, all original. Only in the years 66-67 Rolex experimented with a different Tritium mix, on dials of the 5512/5513 that are found in the 1.6-1.7 million serial range and have the same characteristics. Case has been polished before and has been slightly refreshed recently and is in excellent condition. Serial and reference are easily legible between the lugs. Caseback is signed 5513 and II.67, what corresponds with the production date through the serial number. Three watchmaker signs are visible on inner caseback.

Bezel has a beautiful fat font MKII Long 5 inlay with Tritium pearl, which is also correct for the end 1960’s periode. Has a folded steel bracelet 9315 with 380 endlinks and rare “Pateted” signed divers extension. Watch has been checked and adjusted by my authorized Rolex watchmaker. Watch winds very smoothly and 1520 movement almost runs COSC specs with high amplitude which is very good for a non-COSC movement…

Anyway if this is not enough and you wish a full Rolex movement service through authorized service center and the respective service guarantee, this would be possible within one week working time for a decent additional charge.

Differential taxation §25A UStG.