Rolex Submariner 1680 | RedSub | MK4 dial | MK IV | kissing4

This beautiful RED Submariner with MKIV dial and rare bezel insert (kissing 4) from 1972 and serial 326xxxx is in excellent condition. The case is fantastic. I am not sure if it is totally unpolished, might have been polished carfully in the past, but not during the actual movement service. Fat horns with wide bevels and a good matt finish on the top. There are of course signs of wear, but this is exactly how a 1972 RED Submariner has to look so that it is perfect for wearing. The MKIV RED Submariner dial is in wonderful condition. Clear writing, strong and vivid red lettering and a perfect matte structure on the on the dial. The tritium luminous material has aged to a creamy yellowish tone and shows no imperfections. I like the MKIV dials when we speak of feet first variants. Here the red writing, identical to the meters first dials, is printed on a white background writing and thus pops even more. The bezel insert is another highlight of this Red Submariner. This is a KISSING4 bezel insert that has wonderfully faded into grey/blue. These inlays are super rare and extremely expensive in good condition. They are called Kissing 4 because the 4 of the 40 touches the 0, just kisses it. The original handset matches the lume of the dial almost perfectly – there is only a very little break-off of the lume material at the minute hand. I did not even think about replacing the hands by service parts. The rest of the luminous in the hands is stable. Plus, on top the watch has undergone a complete movement service trough a authorize Rolex workshop in March 2021. The all new Rolex service booklet and service pouch, plus the service invoice in original are part of the deal. Bracelet is a later, almost new 93150 with 12 segments plus divers extension and 580 endlinks.

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