Rolex Submariner 5513 meters first 1968

A super cool, charming and honest Rolex 5513 matte „meters first“ with serial 177xxxx dating it to 1968.
This watch has amazingly perfect meters first dial with nicely aged yellowish patina even throughout all the markers and hands. Luminous on the dial is fully intact nothing broken or cracked and shows the typical whaffle print. Condition of the hands is corresponding to the age, very good. Having some slight cracks, but nothing to worry about. My watchmaker has checked them and he’s seeing no problem at all, material is stable.
Now the case: This watch has obviously seen quite a lot in the past 50 years, and yes, it has several signs of prior use, but on the other hand, I would could rate it as unpolished with super fat case and lots of material. Also, nothing to worry about, my Rolex AD could bring it back to perfect condition with a polish, without loosing much of that fat case, if requested by the new owner – I decided to offer it as is in it’s original state. Together with the rare and matching fat font Long 5 inlay with Tritium pearl, original t19 superdomed crystal and the perfect meters first dial – this piece is in an original condition.
Bezel inlay also has sign of use, but nothing broken, only superficial scratches. Superdome crystal is in good condition, with some scratches on the surface, which could be easily polished out upon request. Serial and reference are perfectly legible between the lugs. Watch has a later Rolex steel bracelet 93150 with clasp code R6 for 1993, which is in very good good condition with moderate stretch.
Watch has received a full movement service through my watchmaker. 1520 movement almost runs COSC specs (-1/-3 sec a day depending on position on the timegrapher) with good amplitude, even it is not a certified movement in the 5513 built in.
Differential taxation §25A UStG