Seiko Speed-Timer 6139-6000 collectors package

This a beautiful, very cool and super rare find in this complete condition. This early Seiko Speed-Timer 6139-6000 from 1969 with it’s notched case, blue 5 Sports Water 70 Proof Speed-Timer dial, JDM bracelet and it’s original box set is highly collectible and one of the rarest version available of this reference.

But let’s start at the beginning to describe this extraordinary piece, trying to be brief, Seiko enthusiasts will know of course more detailed.

In 1969, Seiko delivered the world’s first automatic chronograph, the Seiko 6139. Seiko printed the word “Speed-Timer” on many of its early chronographs only sold on Japanese market, indicating the more advanced features, such as a thirty-minute chronograph recorder, a day and date indicator, and a tachymeter scale. Aside from being the first automatic chronograph to achieve serial production, the Seiko 6139 was also the first automatic chronograph in space 1973. This particular watch I am offering has incorporates the rarest features of a 6139-6000.

Case: Only produced between 1969 and around 1970 this watch has the notched case with a notch on the side of the crown, also a „waterproof“ caseback with an early serial 935082 indicating a production date in 1969. Case in in a very good condition for it’s age without dings and deep scratches.

Dial: The beautiful, early blue JDM, (Japan domestic model) Sports 5 Proof Speed-timer dial is to be said one the the rarest and most desirable dial for collectors today. There were only two version of that dial; yellow and blue.

Bracelet: This Seiko also has the matching JDM barcelet with 5 Sports engraving on clasp. Also comes with additional original Seiko the H-link bracelet with straight ends, which was used on the 6139-600X series from its introduction until 1973.

Box: Original „Seiko 5“ box with double outer box.

Verdict: I’m doing like nothing on Seiko, but this special and super rare set attracted all my attention. I do not known about any set like this one beeing offered worldwide. It’s not just the watch with all funktions running properly, the 5 sports dial, notches case and JDM dial making it so rare. There is also the original box from 1969 included, just show me another one like this.

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