About NIC Watches

Why would a well-known professional automotive and sports photographer with over 20 years of working experience ‘suddenly’ decide to sell rare, vintage and exotic timepieces? The answers are simple… First & foremost, I always had an abiding interest in, and fascination of, all things technological. I truly love the cleverest of intricate technology humankind has produced throughout the ages, so it made perfect sense to expand my business horizons. In addition, the beauty and artistry intrinsic to timepieces, related items, rarities, jewelry and all things gemological have always been heartfelt passions I knew I would pursue one day.

Besides photography, which I began to pursue as a profession at age 16, I have always been a passionate collector of of rare and exotic objects. Beginning with rare minerals and moving over to gemstones, I later met a Swiss DeBeers diamond sight holder who was the leader of the last documented expedition to the famous Kashmir sapphire mines. Still a very good friend of mine I credit him with bringing me to the art of photography by the way. As he also was replete with contacts in the Swiss jewelry industry, he fostered, then nurtured my interest in rare timepieces and all related.

In the fullness of time, I started collecting watches. Most were off the beaten trail eclectic forays into the wondrous thing that makes someone like me tick. In the beginning I was not a true fan of Rolex, but these inimitable timeless works of art soon captured my heart, mind and soul. My heart beats Rolex now, but to honest, not 100 percent exclusively, there are still amazing other watches out there in the field. Anyone who knows Rolex knows that the make is not known for complications like those of Patek Phillipe or Breguet. However, the Rolex watch has a rich history forged in value stability and day-to-day usability that no other make of watch can arguably match.

A pre-owned watch is not just sustainable resource it is arguably; mobile art. Wearing a vintage watch is a distinct pleasure that invariably brings the wearer joy. While wearing a vintage timepiece brings its obvious aesthetic rewards, over time the owner of such can also reap the reward of an appreciating pecuniary investment.

I continue to love buying, wearing and collecting any kind of rare or distinctly usable well-crafted watches. I am always searching, sometimes far and wide, for that special timepiece. Perhaps it is heavily worn or exotic in nature, with a peculiar or rare history. As long as it is a wearable and smooth running timepiece, steeped in history, possessing of any of the aforementioned attributes… it is of great interest to me.

In the fullness of time I will endeavor to offer the highest quality day-to-day, hour-by-hour, minute-to-minute, distinctly practical and wearable watches in an arguably low to mid range price point whenever possible, but the sky is the limit. Timepieces from Nic Watches e.K. are inspected and adjusted by a brand’s authorized master watchmaker adept in the repair, maintenance, and care of luxury brands such as: Rolex, Breiting, Tudor, IWC and many more.

Some watches come with a full service guarantee through the manufacturer. If not, upon request by the customer, a service guarantee can be added for a nominal fee. In most circumstances, exchanged repair parts are delivered with the watch.

I see myself primarily not as a dealer, more a collector and a guide, so you will not find a shopping basket on NIC Watches e.K. – Please contact me through the site, via email or via telephone. I am only selling watches online. I do not have a storefront. Timepieces are my passion and as they are as special to me as they must be to you they will be delivered worldwide fully insured via the most experienced carriers (Intex, FedEx, UPS). I am happy to arrange personal pick up, inspection and payment of watches within the premises of my personal bank, where all of the watches are stored in a secure vault.

As a professional photographer, I always keep my standards high. This is the “burden of professionalism” you will benefit from. I will always provide you with the finest high resolution, unaltered, professional images of any watch, taken with professional high-end camera equipment and lenses (Nikon D850, Nikon Z6, 105/2,8 VR macro lens) which are always an integral part of the description of the condition of any timepiece I sell. Images are always made in different lighting conditions – standard 5000 Kelvin controlled studio lighting, plus natural shade light, and if needed… direct sunlight, to give you a perfect impression in different lighting conditions.

If you desire anything not seen on NIC Watches e.K., I will be happy to assist you via fellow collectors and dealers to find a timepiece that fits your personal criteria.

Daniel NIColas Maurer